Sandwiches Local. Organic. Quick.

Sloco's Declaration of Food Independence

  1. Make Rockin' Sammies Quickly and Affordably

    Most American eaters have become accustomed to processed, mass-produced food when they eat out and no longer expect art from the kitchen. Our industry has used technology, science, the efficiencies of scale and subsidies to produce food at artificially cheap prices. A reawakening of a community fed up (pun intended) with modern food has created a push toward local, organic, "real" food bought from farmers growing without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, antibiotics and genetic modification. To the argument that "real" food is too expensive, we respectfully disagree and promise sustainably sourced food at affordable prices - prices that are in line with shops across the city and country, while using nose-to-tail cookery, making everything in-house, utilizing the most sustainable product available and prepared in the same amount of time it takes at any quick service joint.
  2. Love the Community

    We will support our community by:
    • Providing local jobs and supporting local farmers
    • Giving 5% of profits to Community Food Advocates
    • Continuing the fight to improve school food
    • Keeping prices affordable
    • Offering a virtual butcher shop to increase the accessibility of sustainable meat in Nashville
    • Utilizing a bike delivery service to keep cars off the road
  3. Operate With a Small Footprint

    The restaurant business is the largest user of energy and water in the retail sector and the largest producer of waste. This can change, and we promise to show how. Local food tastes better; supporting local food is better for the environment; the quality of our food is determined by the health of the environment in which it grows - it's all a circle, and no matter where you get on, what matters is that you stay on.
  4. Cook Responsibly

    We will bring food to the table that our customers trust to taste amazing and be amazing for their bodies. We also promise to serve proper portion sizes. One pound of meat at lunch is too much meat for any single human being. If you can't get your mouth around a sandwich, it's too much. We pledge to ensure that our food is grown, harvested and treated in the most humane, earth-and-people-friendly manner. We will only purchase sustainably grown food. Because of our commitment to local food, we will operate with flexibility, meaning that menu variations will happen according the seasons and the weather.
  5. If It's Not in Season, We Don't Have It

    We will not serve fresh sliced red tomatoes in February. We will not serve lettuce in December or basil or strawberries or asparagus or any other thing when it is not in season. We will find alternatives that are in season and offer the same mouthfeel and flavor that belongs on a sandwich. And while we can't always promise you arugula, we can always promise you deliciousness.